Value-Added Services

Cornerstone is in business to help business owners make more money while working less. The way we do this is by implementing the lead generation system, the sales conversion system, and the client retention system at your business.

Below is a summary of our value-added services:

  1. The Sales Acceleration Program – In this program, we will work with you to generate at least 4 new clients within a six-week period.
  2. The Business Freedom Machine Program – This program is designed to grow your sales while working less. This includes done-for-you services such as lead generation, finding the right people for your business, and implementing the systems you need to grow your business. This program is perfect for business owners that want to make more while working less and leave the heavy lifting to Cornerstone.
  3. The Ultimate Freedom Program – In this program, you will have access to our business development team to generate 5 to 10 sales meetings a week, generate a consistent amount of leads for your business each week, find and retain the right people for your business, and implement the business systems you need to get out of working in the business to work on the business.
  4. LinkedIn Lead Generation – Many business owners have many of the systems in place in their business and just need leads. This program is designed to get you ten to fifteen qualified leads through LinkedIn each week.
  5. Lead with Purpose – When was the last time that you picked up the strategic plan you developed? Many strategic planning meetings do not result in anything meaningful because people forget about it and there is no accountability system. Our Lead with Purpose program works with your executive team and managers to develop a one-page strategic plan with a software program that allows you to assign goals and tasks to each person inside and outside your organization to keep them accountable for achieving that specific result in your plan.
  6. Sales Training, Leadership Training, and Management Training – Some business owners simply do not have the time to teach their teams how to sell, how to lead, or how to manage. By leverage our strategic partnership with Brian Tracy and Brian Tracy International, we can deliver the right training at the right time so that your organization is equipped with the correct knowledge to help you make more money while working less.

Each of our programs are tailored to your specific needs.

Schedule a call with Charles Alvarez, the CEO and President of Cornerstone, to discuss how to make your team productive so that you can start seeing more money go down your bottom line.

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