Business-to-Business Appointment Setting

The average business developer makes 31 outbound calls a week. This is roughly six a day, which is not where to close to enough activity to grow sales. The alarming stat of how little outbound calls a business developer makes begs the question, “what do they do with the rest of their time?” Great question!

You tell us how many sales appointments you want per sales person each week (even if that is you), and our job is to deliver to you and/or your sales team that number of appointments.

Below is how we consistently generate qualified appointments for our clients:

  1. Define Your Target Market – we will find out who your ideal client or customer is and build a list for you that meet your criteria.
  2. Define Your Unique Selling Proposition – if you sound just like anybody else, you will not grow your business as fast as you would like and your margins will continue to shrink. We will work with you to develop a Unique Selling Proposition that attracts leads towards you like a magnet.
  3. Determine the Platform – Once you have a list of targets and a unique selling proposition, we will work with you to determine the best platform to deliver your message to your target market. Usually, we find the best platform for business-to-business sales is LinkedIn.
  4. Generate Leads – Cornerstone will generate leads by using digital platforms, like LinkedIn, to generate interest in your company using education based marketing.
  5. Lead Nurturing – Creating leads is easy. Following up with leads is what takes time and disciple. Many sales people stop following up after 1 or 2 calls. It typically takes 7 follow ups prior to your lead meeting with you. We will nurture the leads for you so that you do not have to do the heavy lifting.
  6. Generate Sales Appointments – Once the lead is nurtured, our team will call your leads and set up sales appointments on your behalf. You tell us how many sales appointments you want, and our job is to deliver it.

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