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Business Coach & ConsultantAccording to a Gallup Survey conducted in 2012, researchers found that 20% of employees were miserable at their jobs, 50% were apathetic, and only 30% were inspired. If you have a 700-pound weight pushing against a 300-pound weight, which weight will win? Obviously, the larger weight, or larger influence, will win. The same is true in an organization where 70% of the employees are either miserable or apathetic against the 30% that are inspired and engaged in their work.

What would it mean to you and your business if each employee in your business was working in unison to make your business objectives a reality in a manner that they are motivated, inspired, and dedicated?

We work with business owners and their teams to develop a simple and easy to use one-page plan that gets everyone on the same page, leverages your time, and expands your wallet. Once that plan is complete, our team of consultants and specialists can work with you and your team to implement the tools and techniques necessary to get your business to the next level. Whether it is sales training for your sales team, recruit team members on your behalf, management and leadership training for your executive team and managers, or time management best practices, we are your one-stop shop to making your business vision a reality, faster than you thought possible.

One-on-One Business ConsultingDo You Feel Alone?

One-on-One Business Consulting

Many business owners are frustrated and stressed due to enormous weight on their shoulders in trying to carry the business forward. Business owners want more leads, more sales, more time, and more performance out of their employees. Imagine what would happen if your business generated all the leads the want, on demand. What would it mean to you if your employees were engaged and motivated in helping you reach your business visions? What would it mean to you to have an additional 8 hours per week to do the things you love to do versus have to do?

At Cornerstone Business Coaching, we offer a simple and easy to use, 4-step system that will free up your time and grow your business created by business expert Brian Tracy.

In addition to a time tested and business growth system, we also offer you a dedicated team to help you implement the system to scale your business. Start seeing results immediately with no difficult learning curve, no contracts, no risk, and no fluff. You will have 8 to 16 hours per week of your time back within seven weeks and experience a 20 to 30 percent increase in sales in 6 to 12 months. If we do not deliver on the results you are after, we will simply give you your money back.

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Results: “Our Revenue Doubled In A Year”

“Prior to working with Charles and his team, I was overworked, frustrated, and exhausted from the demands of my business. By sitting in a room with Charles and my team, I was able to determine what was missing from my business to take it to the next level. With the systems Charles Alvarez helped us put in place, it has allowed me to increase my revenue and free up my time faster than I ever thought possible.”

Jeffrey Abel
Abel Design Group

Coaching vs. Consulting

Which is better for business?

Coaching vs. ConsultingTaking a proactive approach to motivating your employees can have a measurable effect on your company’s financial bottom line. Working with a proven Houston business coach can help you achieve a higher degree of success and can give you back the only asset you can never get back: time. Cornerstone Business Coaching offers proven techniques that can grow your business 20 to 30 percent in just six to 12 months, guaranteed. Using the methods tested and implemented by renowned business coach and leading sales trainer Brian Tracy, our team can deliver the right solutions to help your company reach its goals and improve its position within your industry.

As a business owner, you may need guidance on the following issues:

  • How to grow my business in Houston
  • What tactics to use to increase sales
  • Achieving and maintaining a dominant position within your industry
  • Promoting greater morale and productivity among your staff members

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Powered By Brian Tracey

Proven Techniques That Work

Powered By Brian TraceyAs a leading business coach and consultant, Brian Tracy has created a number of unique strategies designed to help businesses achieve their full potential. By using the methods created and refined by Brian Tracy, Cornerstone Business Coaching can ensure that your Houston company functions efficiently and effectively to achieve a real edge over your competition. We can help you learn how to prioritize, persuade and promote to ensure that you make the right moves in your personal and professional endeavors.

At Cornerstone Business Coaching, we are committed to helping your business succeed in the highly competitive environment of Houston commerce. We work with you to determine the most effective ways to motivate your staff and to promote your company and its products and services to your target audiences. Our sales training Houston team can even provide assistance in recruiting and retaining the best candidates for your available positions. Cornerstone Business Coaching delivers the comprehensive solutions that your company needs to succeed in the modern marketplace.

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Leadership Training

Improving Your Business

Leadership TrainingIn a study conducted by Inc. Navigator in 2013, studies show that executives believe that 64% of their people are working in unison to make the objectives set by the leadership team a reality. In reality, only 2% of the workforce was properly aligned to meet the objectives set forth by the executive team.

Imagine if each employee in your business was working in unison to make your business objectives a reality in a manner that they are motivated, inspired, and dedicated. Engage, empower, and encourage your team to get on the same page with your own simple and easy to use one-page plan that has been proven to get your team on the same page, leverage your time and expand everyone’s wallet.

Over 1,000 businesses that have invested in the “Lead with Purpose” system has, on average, enjoyed the following results:

  • A 22% increase in profitability
  • 12% higher customer loyalty
  • 62% less safety incidents
  • 27% less absenteeism

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